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Cloud free alarm & 
surveillance system

• Alarms with SMS & email

• Surveillance in full HD
• No cloud storage
• User friendly

As easy as 1, 2, 3

You will be up and running in less than 5 minutes


1 - Central unit

First connect the central units network cable to your home network and connect the units power cord to a wall socket. 


2 - Camera sensors

Connect each cameras power cord to a wall socket and aim the cameras towards the areas you want to arm and monitor.


3 - Your phone

Visit your alarm web address with any web browser you like. There you will be able to view your cameras and turn the alarm on and off.


You can easily arm and disarm with your phone, tablet och computer. If the alarm is triggered you will instantly be notified through SMS and email with pictures from all cameras. You control who has access to your alarm system, camera images and alarm notifications.


You can access your camera images with your mobile, tablet or computer, whenever you want, wherever you are. All data traffic between you and your alarm system is encrypted, ensuring that no unauthorised part can access the images from your cameras.

Cloud free

Unlike other suppliers, who store your camera images unencrypted in the cloud, SeeSec is totally independent of any clouds. Only you and the people you choose can access your alarm system and your cameras.  Clear skies with full privacy and integrity.


You can add more cameras gradually as you go along, SeeSec supports both wired PoE-cameras and wifi cameras, for both indoor and out door use. SeeSec also provides smart features for lighting control and home automation.

Security and joy

Ideal for homes, vacation houses, motorhomes and boats.
SeeSec lets you peak in and watch your own favorit location,
almost as if you were there, whenever you want, wherever you are.

- A picture says more than a thousand words -


We have not officially released SeeSec yet, but let us know if you like a live demonstration or if you like to be a beta tester.

As a beta tester you will get a reduced price and personal support from us. In return we would like to have your feedback on what you like and what can be improved.

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